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Winstrol is a popular type of anabolic steroid. Known chemically as Stanozolol, it is believed by many people to be one of the few steroids women can safely take. Women may choose to take Winstrol in order to complement their strength training or bodybuilding regimen. It is important to note, however, that the majority of people who use Winstrol or Winstrol Depot are men; even in very low doses, this steroid can cause very adverse reactions in women. Although it may be the safest steroid for females, it still carries a great deal of risk for them as well.

Why Women Might Take Winstrol

When compared with most other anabolic steroids available today, Winstrol is believed to have a far greater anabolic effect on women. This means that it promotes muscle mass effectively and when combined with a regular bodybuilding routine it can help enhance the overall build of a woman's muscles. Obviously, this is primarily the same reason that men use Winstrol as well. However, many other types of anabolic steroids simply don't achieve very noticeable or dramatic results in women. This is why Winstrol or Stanozolol is one of the few types of steroid considered by females.

At the same time, women usually face a great risk of androgenic effects when taking most anabolic steroids. This means that a woman can easily begin experiencing very unwelcome side effects like a deepening voice or hair in unwanted places that usually only occurs in males. In other words, a woman might begin to appear more masculine, which is usually not what most females want to have happen. Winstrol, however, is believed to have less of an androgenic effect on women.

Regardless of the lessened likelihood of androgenic effects and the increased anabolic effects so prized by women, Winstrol still poses a nearly unacceptable risk of such things for most females. If a woman decides to take Winstrol, she needs to use very small doses in order to further decrease the chances of adverse effects. Most women simply stay away from all types of anabolic steroids, as even the most remote chance of having androgenic effects is unacceptable.

Risks Of Winstrol In Women

As noted above, even if Winstrol is taken in small doses it still poses a risk of causing androgenic effects in women. It should also be noted that these effects are usually permanent. Even if Winstrol use is stopped, the androgenic effects like a deepened voice or hair growth in unwanted place may continue for the rest of a woman's life. There is no way of reversing this effect, and women need to bear this in mind when they consider using Winstrol to enhance their strength training or bodybuilding routine.

Extremely small doses of Winstrol are the best advised course of action for women who insist on using this steroid. In such applications, it primarily provides extra strength and endurance to a woman's abilities, rather than major anabolic enhancements. In fact, this is the most common use of Winstrol in women. Whether it is taken in pill form as regular Winstrol, or injected as Winstrol depot, this steroid still poses many risks for female bodybuilders.