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Winstrol Side Effects

Winstrol is the commercial name of a kind of anabolic steroid known chemically as Stanozolol. While there are legitimate medical uses for Winstrol - it is prescribed by doctors to treat conditions ranging from anemia to angioedema - it is primarily famous for its use in bodybuilding and other athletic situations. However, it is generally banned for use in such instances, and athletes who are discovered using Winstrol can be disqualified or banned from future competition. As a controlled substance, Winstrol - and its injected form known as Winstrol Depot - is only available as a prescription.

Side Effects Of Winstrol

As with any kind of drug or medication, there are side effects possible from using Winstrol. Before taking this product, it is important for people to be aware of these side effects and to plan accordingly. By keeping these symptoms and side effects in mind, a person can be more educated and aware as to what constitutes a serious problem, and what represents a more benign side effect of Winstrol.

There are a few documented, serious side effects associated with using Winstrol. Allergic reactions - including hives, swelling of the tongue, lips or face, throat constriction or general difficulty breathing - do occur in some people. Additionally, forms of edema (or swelling) might occur when using Winstrol; this phenomenon is particularly common around one's ankles. In men, persistent and frequent erections may begin happening when using this drug; breast enlargement or tenderness might also occur. Finally, a hoarse, deepening voice, hair loss and/or facial hair growth are other side effects that are considered serious; medical attention should be sought immediately in such cases.

Additional, less serious side effects are also associated with Winstrol. Sudden acne outbreaks - or the worsening of existing acne - are common. Some people report frequent headaches when taking Winstrol. Others experience changes in sexual desire ranging from a complete lack of interest to near obsessive interest. In general, any sudden change in one's health or well being may be considered a side effect of Winstrol and should be closely and carefully monitored.

Serious Risks Associated With Winstrol

Beyond the side effects listed above, Winstrol has been known to cause severe - or even fatal - liver problems in people who use it. People who are using Winstrol under the care of a doctor are normally subject to routine liver functioning tests in order to make sure their health is not being compromised. This is additionally why using Winstrol illegally can be extremely risky; such people do not receive liver monitoring, and run a higher risk of developing serious problems.

There are symptoms associated with liver trouble from taking Winstrol. Some of the most common include abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, light-colored stools, abnormally dark colored urine, and nausea or vomiting. Additionally, yellowing of the skin or the eyes may be presented and may represent early forms of liver trouble. Regardless of why a person is taking Winstrol, these symptoms should always be kept in mind. If one of more of these symptoms occurs, a person should seek medical help immediately. Otherwise, irreparable or even fatal damage to the liver may occur.