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Winstrol Cycles and Doses

Winstrol is the brand nomenclature for stanozolol, which is a FDA approved synthetic steroid. Typically used by athletes or those interested in bodybuilding, the steroid boosts physical strength and speed.

What exactly does Winstrol do?

The steroid does not make your body bulky, instead it lends a smart, lean look to your physique. It is widely  used during athletic events where excess weight owing to water retention is a concern. Winstrol Cycle

Those into bodybuilding are required to take in a lot of calories and undergo intense training as part of their cycle to build maximum muscle. In the process, they gain a lot of muscle and fat. A cutting cycle, as it is known in weight-building terminology, includes cardio exercise to lose fat and a lower intake of calories. Winstrol is used a lot during the cutting cycles.

Winstrol cycles and doses

A higher dosage of Winstrol or ‘winni’, is prescribed to men as compared to women. For men, the dosage and cycle recommended is 50 mg (injectable) per day for about six to eight weeks.

If you are a male bodybuilder, the dosage could be increased during the last one-two weeks of the cycle, especially if you are taking the drug for a competition. However, the upper limit is 100 mg daily not lasting over two weeks. However, some may find 50 mg on alternate days to be an ideal solution, but it is best recommended to take 50 mg each day because the steroid has a short half-life.

For women

Winni recommendation for women should not cross 10 mg each day (injectable). For women who are just starting on their Winstrol cycle, a period of four weeks is ideal. Take 10 mg of the drug every alternate day during the first week  and proceed to 10 mg daily later.

Oral and injectable versions

Winstrol is available in both tablet (oral) and injectable forms. The injectable solution is known as Winstrol Depot. The oral dosage is usually much lower than the injectable form. A daily oral dosage of 10 mg to 25 mg is recommended for men. For women, it is around 5 mg.

Using Winstrol with other drugs

Winstrol is often combined with other steroids such as Anavar, Testosterone, Trenbolone and HGH. For men, Winstrol stacking during off-season may not be very useful. However, for women athletes, stacking could prove useful. For athletes on a diet, Winstrol stacking is useful, and a physician or trainer may suggest a combination of other steroids with the drug.

Points to consider while taking Winstrol
  • Visit a doctor and get a prescription. Make sure that you mention your history of illnesses and allergies to the doctor. Winstrol V
  • Take the prescribed dose at the same time each day for the recommended cycle . If you have forgotten a dose, take it the moment you remember except if it is time for the subsequent dosage. Don’t take two doses at the same time.
  • Consult a nutritionist and seek a diet plan because steroid consumption requires you supplement it with a diet which is high in proteins.
  • Always read the instructions and labels carefully before consuming the drug.
  • Keep a watch on any side-effects and consult your doctor immediately if you feel uncomfortable. Also keep your doctor in the loop about other medication you might have been taking, as some combinations may prove to be counter-productive.
  • If you are an athlete who seeks to participate in an international event, note that Winstrol is banned by the international sports associations and governing bodies.
  • Don’t extend consumption of Winstrol beyond the period prescribed by your doctor.
  • Store the drug in a cool place and away from children or pets.