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The anabolic steroid known commercially as Winstrol or Winstrol Depot - and known chemically as Stanozolol - is most popularly used in bodybuilding to enhance muscles and overall strength. However, another highly prized characteristic of Winstrol is its fat loss capabilities. In bodybuilding, bulking up is only part of the equation; between periods of adding a lot of mass and muscle, bodybuilders engage in what is known as cutting cycles. During these cycles, the goal is to cut as much fat and excess weight from the body as possible - without compromising the muscles that are already developed.

For use during the cutting cycle, Winstrol is one of the most preferred anabolic steroids available today. Because it introduces good levels of lactic acid into the body, Winstrol does seem to cut fat quite efficiently. Although there have been no definitive medical studies done regarding using Stanozolol or Winstrol for fat loss, many bodybuilders who rely on this product will attest to its great ability in doing just that. Bodybuilders who struggle during cutting cycles to shed that extra fat might consider introducing Winstrol into their regimen in order to make such a result more easily achiDuring the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, the 100 meters men's final was one of the most exciting and talked about events of the entire games. Spectators cheered on Canadian athlete Ben Johnson as he achieved the gold medal - and a world record - with an incredible time of 9.79 seconds. History was being made thanks to the new world record and the gold medal that was awarded to Johnson on that day; history was also made when that same medal was rescinded upon the discovery of anabolic steroids in Johnson's urine.evable.

While Winstrol does seem to have many great fat loss benefits, it should still be noted that there are plenty of risks and possible side effects associated with this steroid. If a person plans to use Winstrol for its fat loss benefits, they need to be aware that it can have a negative impact on their levels of good versus bad cholesterol. Additionally, Winstrol may cause liver damage which can even be fatal in some instances. It is critical that someone taking Winstrol pay close attention to any unusual symptoms that they may experience.

Beyond its fat loss abilities, Winstrol is highly regarded by many bodybuilders because it has the added effect of being almost a diuretic. In other words, Winstrol prevents water retention which can cause bloat and added, excess and unwanted weight in people working on bodybuilding. When combined with the fat loss attributes of Winstrol, this diuretic effect can help produce very favorable results. A person's appearance is often far more "ripped" as a result, and their muscles are generally more well defined and hard.

Another characteristic that bodybuilders enjoy about Winstrol in addition to its excellent fat loss capabilities is that it increases vascularity quite dramatically. This means that it makes the veins - especially in the arms - stand out more prominently, giving an added impression of bulk and largeness to the muscles. This can help improve a person's overall look, making their muscle mass seem that much more impressive. By keeping fat stores low, Winstrol works well with these other characteristics and boosts bodybuilding routines considerably.

Winstrol cannot be used continuously to cut fat, however. The maximum length of time that this steroid can be used is usually considered to be approximately eight weeks; most bodybuilders use it only for about four weeks at a time, though. This is also why Winstrol is favored during cutting cycles; it loses it effect when taken for too long, and achieves maximum fat loss when reserved for cutting cycles.