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Winstrol and Winstrol Depot are the commercial names for the anabolic steroid chemically referred to as Stanozolol. Although this steroid is sometimes used to treat medical conditions like angioedema and anemia, it is most commonly used in strength training and bodybuilding applications. While Winstrol is classified as a controlled substance in the United States - it is legally available only as a prescription - it is easily obtained and is used by many people who are training as bodybuilders.

Anabolic steroids come in many different varieties, and each has its own benefits in terms of training and bodybuilding. Winstrol is no different, and the first thing to note is that Winstrol is the tablet form of Stanozolol, while Winstrol Depot is the injected form of the steroid. There are pluses and minuses to using either form of the steroid. In pill form, achieving a beneficial balance of Winstrol can be difficult to do. However, while the injected form of the steroid solves that problem, it presents the issue of abscesses and other unsightly trouble at injection sites on the body.

In the bodybuilding community, then, there are people who prefer Winstrol and there are those who swear by Winstrol Depot. Regardless of the way the drug is administered, what is agreed upon is that Winstrol is best used in training during cutting cycles. In many ways, this is because the steroid cannot be used for extremely long periods of time; eight weeks is the generally agreed upon maximum length of time that anyone should use Winstrol on a regular basis.

Because Winstrol usage must be limited to brief periods of time, it lends itself well to use during cutting cycles. That's not the only reason why Winstrol is so well regarded for use during this fat reducing period of bodybuilding or training, though. A popular characteristic of Winstrol or Stanozolol is that it does not cause excess weight gain, making it perfect for use during cutting cycles. Many anabolic steroids have the unwanted side effect of further bulking up a person's weight; this problem is generally not present with Winstrol, though.

Another great training benefit associated with Winstrol is that it dramatically enhances a person's strength. This characteristic allows a person to use Winstrol to amp up their training and really push the envelope physically. For training purposes, this can be a tremendous boost to an athlete or bodybuilder, allowing them to push their endurance and strength for maximum possible effect.

On a more aesthetic level, Winstrol provides many additional benefits during training. For example, it is known to increase vascularity. This means that it enhances the veins along a person's arms (primarily), making them protrude and appear more prominent. Also, many people believe that Winstrol has an almost diuretic effect on the body, preventing it from retaining too much water and further enhancing its effect. When used properly, many bodybuilders claim that Winstrol gives their muscles added hardness and prominence as well.

The list of training benefits associated with Winstrol is quite impressive. However, it is important that people who wish to use this steroid understand the risks associated with it as well. When used as directed, Winstrol can have many positive effects on a person's training regimen.