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Losing Hair While Taking Winstrol

One of the most well known side effects of most anabolic steroids is hair loss. Usually, such drugs speed up hair loss that is already occurring, but do not cause new areas of hair loss to generate. This is not the case with the popular steroid known as Winstrol, Winstrol Depot or Stanozolol. Although this steroid is tremendously popular among bodybuilders and athletes, it has the major drawback of causing hair loss and hair thinning in the people who use it.

Hair Loss: A Major Drawback Of Winstrol

Many people prefer Winstrol over other types of anabolic steroids because it works really well in cutting cycles. The benefits of Winstrol are quite numerous in terms of the kinds of results that can be achieved from a physical standpoint. One of the biggest selling points of using Winstrol or Stanozolol is that it helps cut fat stores from the body, allowing users to achieve amazingly lean, toned results. Other purely aesthetic benefits of Winstrol include its ability to enhance vascularity (the prominence of veins, especially on the arms) and the fact that in many users, it makes muscles harder and more defined.

Despite all of those great sounding benefits, though, there is a trade off that must be kept in mind: Winstrol may cause hair loss in the people who use it. In fact, hair loss is one of the top reported side effects experienced by people taking Winstrol. Whether taken in pill form (as regular Winstrol) or through injections (as Winstrol Depot), this anabolic steroid can cause hair loss and thinning in men who have never experienced it before. For those who already have balding or thinning happening, Winstrol seems to speed up the process.

Considering that Winstrol is primarily used to enhance the physical attributes of the people who use it, the fact that it can trigger hair loss is a major catch-22. Men using Winstrol can boast amazingly sculpted and toned muscles, popping veins and rock hard abs - but may end up with bald heads. For many men, this can very well be a deal breaker; after all, once hair loss gets started, there's no going back. Growing back the hair that falls out just isn't going to happen.

How Winstrol Causes Hair Loss

So, why does Winstrol cause hair loss? Basically, as an androgen steroid, Winstrol changes into dihydrotestosterone in the body. Dihydrotestosterone binds easily to androgen receptors in the scalp. When this chemical binds to those receptors, it inhibits the growth of hair and can cause the hair that is already there to drop out. Future hair growth becomes very unlikely in these cases, meaning that once the balding process is set in motion, there is little to be done to reverse it.

This phenomenon is hardly unique to Winstrol, though; many other popular steroids create the same problem. The way that Winstrol works, though, seems to make this problem far more common and prominent in the people who take this drug. Therefore, people need to decide whether the benefits of Winstrol outweigh its potential for making them go bald. If the risk is acceptable and understood, then no surprises will occur when and if hair loss happens.