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During the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, the 100 meters men's final was one of the most exciting and talked about events of the entire games. Spectators cheered on Canadian athlete Ben Johnson as he achieved the gold medal - and a world record - with an incredible time of 9.79 seconds. History was being made thanks to the new world record and the gold medal that was awarded to Johnson on that day; history was also made when that same medal was rescinded upon the discovery of anabolic steroids in Johnson's urine.

On that fateful day in 1988 - September 24, to be precise - Ben Johnson had taken the anabolic steroid known commercially as Winstrol and chemically as Stanozolol. Upon this discovery, his gold medal was not the only thing taken back from the athlete; his world record was taken back as well, when he admitted to having used the drug at that time, too. That world record was in the 100 meter sprint, and he took it from Carl Lewis.

After all of the excitement and pride that Canadians felt in having one of their athletes win Olympic gold, the ensuing scandal regarding anabolic steroids and Winstrol was very disappointing. The incident really propelled steroid use into the forefront of mainstream media, and people around the world took note as the issue was argued from both sides. Ben Johnson himself said that the reason he had used Winstrol in the first place was so that he could stand a chance against the many other Olympic athletes who were known to use it as well.

While Johnson's remarks added fuel to the flames of controversy swirling around Stanozolol or Winstrol, they turned out to be truthful. Since 1988, four of the five top competitors in the 100 meter race have since tested positive for banned drugs of one kind or another during their careers. This certainly lends credence to Johnson's claims of using Winstrol strictly to compete equally with the other athletes at the 1988 Summer Olympics and other competitions.

Carl Lewis was awarded the gold medal for the 100 meter final at the 1988 Summer Olympics after it was taken back from Ben Johnson. However, in later years, Lewis was one of the five top competitors who was shown to have used banned drugs. The difference between him and Ben Johnson, though, was that his positive test results did not occur during a medal winning performance; therefore, he never had any medals rescinded due to these results.

For many people, the name Ben Johnson is forever synonymous with anabolic steroids, Stanozolol and Winstrol. Since 1988, many athletes in a huge variety of sports have been discovered to have used these sorts of drugs. Despite the large roster, Ben Johnson's name is still the one most commonly associated with anabolic steroid use. His forthcoming attitude regarding the drug is also thought to be one of the biggest factors in making the use of banned drugs like Winstrol more widely known about. Awareness about anabolic steroids increased dramatically around the world when Ben Johnson's gold medal was rescinded at the 1988 Summer Olympics.