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Anavar is a form of anabolic steroid that has been around since 1964. Anavar is the trademark name of the substance chemically known as Oxandrolone. It was created by Searle Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company which is now known as Pfizer, Inc. It is primarily popular in the world of bodybuilding, but is also prescribed for many different medical conditions as well. In the United States, Anavar is available only with a prescription.

Among bodybuilders, Anavar has a couple of highly prized advantages. For one thing, unlike many other anabolic steroids Anavar does not aromatize. Aromatization is the process by which estrogen causes breast tissue to grow. This is an understandably undesirable effect among bodybuilders, who strive to keep fat to a minimum and remain as lean as possible. Therefore, Anavar's reputation for not aromatizing is considered one of its best advantages.

Another major advantage of Anavar among bodybuilders is that it does not have a significant influence on the body's usual production of testosterone when taken in low doses. High dosages of Anavar do subject a person to the potential of their testosterone production being compromised, which can result in problems like testicular shrinkage, however. Therefore, people who choose to take this drug for bulking up purposes related to bodybuilding must keep their dosage in check.

Besides its popular bodybuilding applications, Anavar is prescribed by doctors to treat a large variety of conditions. For example, people suffering from alcoholic hepatitis might be given Anavar to help control and lessen their symptoms. Doctors sometimes prescribe it to help deal with weight loss in people suffering from HIV, as it can help slow the loss down or even reverse it in some cases. Other relatively common conditions that may be treated with Anavar include anemia and angioedema.

It should be noted that Anavar - or Oxandrolone - is not without its side effects or risks. The most notable of these are potentially fatal liver problems in people who rely heavily on this drug. Also, this drug can have a negative impact on the cholesterol in a person's body; it may increase the amount of "bad cholesterol" (low density lipoprotein, or LDL) and lower the level of "good cholesterol" (high density lipoprotein, or HDL). This phenomenon can contribute to and increase the risk of heart disease; people already struggling with heart disease should therefore avoid using Anavar.

When taking Anavar or Oxandrolone, a person's health should be regularly monitored. This includes regular liver function tests to make sure that the liver is not being severely compromised or damaged. Similar tests should be conducted regarding the levels of cholesterol in a person's body; if adverse effects begin occurring, a person is usually advised to limit or completely stop taking this drug.

Due to its potential abuse factor, Oxandrolone and Anavar are only available by prescription in the United States. It is considered to be a controlled substance, and people found with quantities of this drug without a prescription may be subject to serious penalties under the law, as with any other illegal drug. Additionally, athletes who are discovered using Anavar to enhance their performance can be disqualified from competitions.