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History Of Winstrol

There are many different kinds and types of steroids available today. Although many may be used to treat various medical conditions, the majority are most popularly used as body and performance enhancers in things like bodybuilding and athletics. Among these, one of the most common and popular is Winstrol. Winstrol is the commercial name for the drug known as Stanozolol; in pill form, it is sold as Winstrol and injections are marketed as Winstrol Depot. Additionally, this drug is sold for veterinary use under the name Winstrol-V.

The Early Years Of Winstrol

Winstrol was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962. Winthrop Laboratories was a subsidiary of Sterling Drug at that time. When it was originally produced, most likely it was not with bodybuilding and athletics in mind. Rather, the drug aimed to help ailments like anemia and angioedema. Additionally, this steroid was to be used to help patients who were recovering from various illnesses and/or operations; it enhanced the appetite and helped the body "bulk up".

This tendency to help people "bulk up" is where the history of Winstrol changed its course. As athletic competitions and bodybuilding became more and more competitive and aggressive, their participants looked to medicine to help enhance their muscles, strength and stamina. The properties of Winstrol in this regard were already well known by the medical community, and people began demanding the drug to help them amp up their performance and capabilities.

The Benefits Of Winstrol

Winstrol - or Stanozolol - became wildly popular; people took it in injected or pill form, largely based on personal preference. However, many discovered that injections were the preferable method of taking Winstrol, as it provided them with a more level dose; with pills, one needed to take many each day, and keeping the levels of Stanozolol steady in the body was made much more difficult in such situations. The major drawback to injections, of course, were infections at injections sites. The trade off was there, but most bodybuilders opted for injections over pills.

In the cutting cycles that are so critical in bodybuilding regimens - the periods when a person works to cut as much excess weight and fat from their body between bulks up cycles - Winstrol was discovered to be very beneficial. This is because Winstrol seemed to accelerate fat loss, allowing a user's body to become as "cut" as possible. Additionally, Winstrol afforded users increased vascularity (popping veins) and muscles that were much more sculpted and hard. Finally, Winstrol offered incredibly enhanced strength in the people who used it.

Ben Johnson And Winstrol

During the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, athlete Ben Johnson drew the attention of the world by taking the gold medal in the dramatic 100 meter men's final. Later, though, it was discovered that Johnson had been taking Winstrol. His medal was rescinded, and the story drew Winstrol and its use by athletes out into the spotlight. Later, four of the five top finishers in that fateful race would show steroids use at various points in their career, lending credence to Johnson's claims that its use was rampant in athletics.

Since then, many news stories involving Winstrol have occurred. Going forward, there are sure to be many more. Most likely, it will continue to be banned from use in competitive sports; there are enough side effects to warrant this, and it does give competitors an unfair advantage.